SavvyBI collects energy data from lot’s of sources to make sure your Energy bill is right, and your cost is under control.

We tack your usage, cost and market information mix it up to add some smarts and present it in a wildly used and secure platform (PowerBI), not only is super reliable it also looks excellent and easy to understand.

Our modules list :

  • Energy & Demand Profiling: Consumption & Demand; Demand Alerts
  • Cost Management
  • Invoice Verification: Invoice Validation; Daily Cost Tracker (Self Validation)
  • Cost Forecasting: Budget Report; Cost Outlook; Accruals
  • Network Tariff Review
  • Site Management
  • Environmental Certificates
  • Forward Market
  • Spot Price
  • Spot Price Forecasting
  • Monthly Market Report
  • Market Reporting

Consumption & Demand


Energy usage is the crucial input for invoices, that’s why we built the Energy & Demand profiling reports. It’s ideal for businesses trying to understand and manage their consumption behaviour.
We receive 30-minute interval meter data once a day (overnight), however, our report allows you to classify them and compare them in many other groups, like financial years, week on week, highest consuming sites, anomalies, the impact of weather and much more.
The report provides insights into your consumption so you can find opportunities for operational efficiency and match energy consumption and demand with your business planning.

Consumption Viewer

Consumption & Demand


weather impact

We automatically determine the impact of weather on consumption so that businesses can understand the impact and cost.

Demand Analyser

We monitor your Maximum Demand and Power Factor, so you can keep an eye on site that may be underperforming or eligible for Power Factor Corrections and/or Network Tariff Reviews.

Demand Alerts

We help you create custom business rules and send you email alerts when they need your attention.


Cost Management


Financial Year is that time of the year when businesses look at the performance and opportunities, Energy is a significant factor and will become more and more important as your business grows. That’s why we built the Cost Management Module with flexibility in mind, this module compares actual vs budget, cost outlook and other valuable cost metrics.

Comparative Reporting

Comparative Reporting

Sites:  Overs & Unders

Not only we report on the whole business, but we give you the tool’s to explore and compare at a site level

Sites Over and Under


Invoice Verification


Invoice is still the standard in the energy industry, we make it easy for you to validate, track and review the charges from the lowest cost components. We use raw meter data with the tariff definitions to ensure businesses are correctly invoiced by the retailer.

Invoice Validation Overview

Invoice Validation Overview

Site Analysis

It is important to find any discrepancies, so we provide an overview at business and site level

Site Analysis

Invoice Viewer

If there are any discrepancies (it happen), you can investigate further at the invoice level. Our report summarises them and shows you the difference, we also store all PDF invoices for you to download.

Daily Cost Tracker & Self Validation

Do you manage a huge amount of sites? We got you!

Every time you receive a new invoice using our report to check our calculation for the same period, even more, you can use it on demand through the billing period to make sure you don’t get any billing shock.

Self Validation

Check our Forecasting Services Cost Forecast Spot Price Forecasting


Billing Tracker

Billing Tracker


Site Management


The report is a one-stop for all sites, is a centralised “source of truth” connecting multiples sources of data to one simple easy-to-use Hub. Businesses can find all sorts of energy information here (retailer agreements, business attributes, network details, energy invoices, etc..)

Geographical Site Map

Geographical Site Map

Meter Lookup

Meter Lookup


Cost Forecasting


We not only help you manage your energy cost, But We also assist you in understanding it’s impact moving forward.

Budget Report

Combining industry best practices including & known variables with a forecast of the unknown variables we create a bottom-up report. Using our report you can understand the cost breakdown and compare across fuels, states, business groups and sites.

Site Highlights

Reports per site!

Site Highlights

Cost Breakdown

Cost Breakdown

Cost Outlook

Do you need a regularly updated end-of-the-year and beyond report?  Then this is the tool for you, updated as invoices and metadata are received, the data we store for you is combined with forward-looking forecast and give you early insights to the likelihood of the business reaching hr end-of-year budget.

Wait that’s is not all! Our unique probabilistic spot price and forward forecasting models combined with forecasted network price generate a longer-term (e.g. 3 years, 5 years) cost outlook, super useful for business managing cost expectations amongst business stakeholders.


This is for the accounts department, Accruals simplifies the accounting delivering highly accurate reports (when the meter data is provided overnight), at your accounting practices (e.g. 2 business days before the end of the month, 3 days after the end of the month, etc..).no more pain associated with accounting reversals.

Accrual Summary

Tabular Analysis

Meter Data Readings

Meter Data Reading

Environmental Certificates


Want to become more sustainable, install roof-top solar, self-surrender LGCs or buy additional LGCs above the mandatory target? That’s a lot in a question, but if you do, we track certificates prices for all these reasons. Stay informed of market prices and opportunities

National Spot Certificates

National Spot Certificates

State Spot Certificates

State Spot Certificate


LGC Forward Market

LGC Forward Market


Forward Market


The best practices for managing costs: is to track the current forward market price beyond the existing retail agreement. Our modules continuously monitor the prevailing forward market, combined with our spot forecasting module, and you will be able to assess the values proposition of hedging now, versus later.

Forward Price Viewer

Forward Price Viewer

Forward Price Overlay Series

Forward Price Overlay

Technical Analysis

Not only we track the forwards market and continue to assess the value proposition for you, but we also perform technical analysis on the forward markets to understate the direction, volatility and likely behaviour. This is our own Risk-of-Change, and we report it in our Monthly Market Report.

Spot Price


Understanding the wholesale market price is essential for organisations to monitor given its vital role in the procurement process for organisations. Whether it relates to feed-in tariffs, pool pass-through, generation export or simply re-contracting, the wholesale market price affects all users within the market.

Our module allows you to analyse prices at different resolutions all the way down to 30min starting from 1999.

Electricity Spot Price Drilldown

Electricity Spot Price

Electricity Spot Market Drivers

Electricity Spot Price vs Demand Overlay

Electricity Spot Price vs Demand

Electricity Spot Comparative Intraday

Electricity Spot Price Comparative Intraday

Electricity Spot Sensitivity Analysis 

Electricity Spot Price Sensitivity


Electricity Spot Pre-Dispatch 30min Resolution

Electricity Pre Dispatch 

Spot Price Forecasting


This module need training, and we provide it through industry partners, it helps you understand the best time to engage the market for a retail offer.

We provide a spot price outlook for the next 3-years. We have proven consistently that predicting when to engage the market is much more influential than competitive retail tension.

Spot price vs Forward Price

Spot vs Forward

Monthly Market Report

Customer Market Report

All our costumers receive a comprehensive monthly market report, includes

  • Regulatory and policy developments (e.g. National Energy Guarantee)
  • Spot price outcomes with explanations of key events and trends
  • Spot forecast tracking and expectations
  • Generation performance
  • Strategic behaviour of the generation sector
  • Water storage levels which are becoming critical with Snowy Hydro’s main storage reaching the lowest since 2010
  • Impact of weather on demand and renewable generation
  • Interconnector flows 9. Reserve outlook
  • Gas market commentary
  • Gas spot prices
  • LNG exports from Gladstone
  • Environmental certificate prices
  • Weather outlook

In-depth Market Report

For those who need a deeper report of the National energy market (NEM)( and its external factors :

  • Electricity Spot Prices (Live + End of Day)
  • Environmental Certificates
  • Forward Market
  • Gas Spot Prices
  • Generation Offers
  • Hydro Tasmania Storages
  • Interconnector Overview
  • LNG Exports
  • Market News
  • NEM Price Setter
  • Power Station Revenue
  • Purchasing Opportunity
  • Renewable Generation Forecast
  • Snowy Hydro Storage
  • Spot Price Forecast
  • Total Demand and Spot Forecast
  • Traders Error
  • Water Storages
  • Wholesale Market Generation
  • Weather
  • + much more …